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how to find a physician

For people who live too far away to visit our clinic in Dallas, we offer the following guidelines to help you find a good physician closer to your home:

  • Start calling doctors in your area (before you need a doctor).

  • Try to stay away from group practices of 5-10 physicians affiliated with a hospital.

  • Try to find a physician that has a solo practice not affiliated with a hospital.

  • Ask if they are actively seeing patients and taking new patients.

  • Ask if they have a nurse practitioner or physician assistance in the office. If the answer is "yes", then this clinic is primarily focused on financial gain!

  • If an office has NP's or PA's, you will rarely, if ever, see the real doctor.

  • Your objective should be to find a primary physician with his own solo practice that will be focused on you and practicing medicine.

  • You want a doctor that will use common sense and his/her medical education to treat you.

If you need to be treated for COVID-19 and your doctor is not using the hydroxychloroquine protocol used in our clinic, I will be more than happy to speak with him/her personally to share my results.

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