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Share Your Story

As one of Dr. Lozano’s patients, you have a rare opportunity to share with the Medical Board how Hydroxychloroquine saved your life and should be considered “The Standard of Care” for Covid-19.

By participating in our efforts through telling your personal journey, you will help save thousands of lives. Please recount your experience and focus on the use of Hydroxychloroquine in your treatment to answer these questions:

1.    How long did it take you to feel better?
2.    How quickly did the symptoms begin to resolve?
3.    Did you require supplemental oxygen?
4.    Did you require hospitalization?
5.    What residual symptoms have remained or have you fully recovered?
6.    Has your lifestyle become healthier after becoming a patient of Dr. Lozano?
7.    Has Dr. Lozano's Covid protocol improved your overall health?
8.    Would you recommend this medication as Frontline Early Treatment for those afflicted by Covid-19?
9.    Now, in retrospect, would you recommend outpatient treatment at Lozano Medical Clinic with Hydroxychloroquine over the current “Standard of Care” which is treating with Tylenol and Hospitalization? 

Click here to submit your story:

Thank you,

Ivette C Lozano MD
Lozano Medical Clinic
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