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Every effort is made to make your child's visit to the doctor an enjoyable one.

Our patient rooms are cheerful and brightly colored to make them feel more at ease. Toys are provided in each room.

Rooms are decorated according to the season or holiday. Decorations make the rooms festive and sometimes the decorations even serve as a learning experience. For instance, during voting season, a copy of the Constitution hangs on the walls.

Lozano Medical Clinic has developed many long-term relationships with a large clientele of older patients. We are proud to boast that many of our patients are in their 90’s and are living healthy, active, independent lives!

Fun Facts
Quinquagenarian = 50’s
Sexagenarian = 60’s
Septuagenarian = 70’s
Octogenarian = 80’s
Nonagenarian = 90’s




Dr. Lozano does treat COVID-19. She has been successfully treating patients with the virus for months. Because the outbreak of COVID-19 has monopolized the clinic lately, we have dedicated several pages of information about the virus within this website. If you have the virus or think you may have it, or if you just want more information about the virus, please review the information we have provided on this website:  click here


Dr. Lozano treats many common ailments and diseases including bronchitis, the common cold, diabetes, heart disease, gastroenteritis, uriniary tract infection, tonsillitis, etc.

Dr. Lozano strives to develop a strong doctor patient relationship by educating patients about their disease and working together to achieve good health.

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